Sunday, July 7, 2013

Couleur Café

I had never been to a music festival here in Belgium. I hate crowded + loud concerts, so I avoided them. I know it can be fun and I love live music, but I never thought it was worth the stress.

Couleur Café was different, though. All our friends who had gone last year told us how cozy and laid-back it was and they were right. There were many stages and lots of people, but it was ok (except for the Mackelmore concert, of course).

Throughout the three days, we saw:
Trixie Whitley, Aloe Blacc, Skip the Use, Wycleff Jean, Jimmy Cliff, Zaz, Andy Allo, Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis, Mos Def, Die Antwoord and CeeLo Green.

I didn’t know most of them, only Jimmy Cliff, Mackelmore and CeeLo Green. Jimmy’s show was my favorite – the energy, the songs, and his presence on stage. It was really fun and I was amazed by the 65 year old party man! He really delivered a joyful concert.

Aloe Blacc was SO smooth and sexy!

Skip the use was super upbeat and fun. One of the best.

Mackelmore’s show was over packed with hysterical fans and I got trapped in the crowd. We could barely move and the girls behind us pushed, danced with no respect for our space and were too loud. The girls in front of us almost got in a fight because one of them climbed on a guy’s shoulders and blocked the other’s view of the stage. Can’t people just listen to the music and chillax? Anyways, his show was super!

It is difficult to explain Die Antwoord, so I’ll use my friend’s words: “They’re crazy fucks!”. My jaw dropped so many times, trying to make sense of them! Buuuut, they make a good party!

I was disappointed by CeeLo Green. A bit too whiny. The best part of his show – the last of the festival – was a spontaneous flash mob: a guy was dancing and really enjoying himself when people behind him started copying his moves. The crowd got bigger and bigger and we even joined for a while. Teehee!

Aaaaaand! I can’t forget to mention the FOOD HALL! OMG, delicious food from everywhere! South American, African, Japanese, Thai, Lebanese, Tibetan, Moroccan… There were also big tents were they served fresh mint tea and we could sit on puffs and carpets. Next year they should really have a Brazilian food stand as well as Belgian fries. Oh, and better beer and cocktails (they were made from bottled juice, bleh!).

The festival gathered so many beautiful people of every color, style, age and culture having a great time in peace. It reminded me that I must stop comparing myself to others, because we are all unique.

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Unknown said...

Hey Ana,

This is the third time I'm trying to comment lol. I enjoyed this article. I for one like to go to music festivals. I like the crowd and being apart of the crowd for that few hours. I like the atmosphere and of course the music. Die Antwoord is a crazy group from Cape Town lol you would be surprised if you knew what they actually say in their songs lol its quite graphic Afrikaans swear words. I like them though and their don't care attitude. Anyway keep up the good work with your blog, I'm still working on getting back overseas lol