Friday, June 14, 2013

My gratitude list

When I was a teenager I read the books Pollyanna and Pollyanna Grows Up. It introduced such a great concept in my life: gratitude. She suffers a lot in her life, but she plays the Glad Game – she always finds something to be glad about despite the circumstances. 

I started “playing” it too: whenever I get sad or frustrated, I mentally list things that I am grateful for. It works wonderfully!

Here is what has been supporting me against negative thoughts and feelings:

-          I am alive and healthy;
-          My body is perfect;
-          I am intelligent;
-          I am a good person;
-          I am loved;
-          I am supported;
-          I have a beautiful, loving family;
-          I live in a comfortable house;
-          I have free time to invest in learning and self-care;
-          I have good people around me.
-          I have options;
-          I am free;
-          I am not in need of anything;
-          Nobody is perfect and nobody is the same;
-          I’m on the right path;
-          I am proud of and cherish my past;
-          I am learning French and Dutch. Slowly, but I am.

And the little daily goodies:

-          I’m grateful for the good weather;
-          I’m grateful for this quiet walk in nature;
-          I’m grateful for this delicious meal;
-          I’m grateful for this nice nap;
-          I’m grateful for the internet;
-          I’m grateful for a bit of solitude and silence;

And so it goes…

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